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De-ExtinctionPassenger Pigeon

Meet the Scientists Bringing Back Extinct Species From the Dead

By October 10, 2018October 25th, 2018No Comments

Meet the Scientists Bringing Extinct Species Back From the Dead

Wall Street Journal – October 9, 2018

“The last known passenger pigeon—a bird named Martha—died in captivity at a Cincinnati zoo in 1914. Her demise sparked the passing of modern conservation laws to protect other endangered species in the U.S.” Now, more than 100 years later, the Passenger Pigeon is again advancing conservation.

Although the de-extinction of the Passenger Pigeon will likely take decades, de-extinction research is already generating foundational science that could transform bird conservation. Furthermore, Passenger Pigeon de-extinction offers a new opportunity to achieve long-term conservation goals for woodland forests in the eastern United States.

For more on the birds and the science, check out the Wall Street Journal podcast, “The De-Extinction Movement Comes to Life.” (Left)