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Engineering Resilience Workshop

September 11 – 15, 2017  /  Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

Together with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Revive & Restore held a four-day conference aimed at identifying synthetic biology solutions to conservation problems caused by environmental change. Experts from all fields of conservation came together to develop ambitious projects designed to alleviate the threat of an invasive species, further climate resilience, confer disease resistance, or develop stakeholder and community engagement.


Please click photos below for the full-sized image.

Participants Above Pictured From Left to Right:
First Row – Andrea Byrom, Aditi Mankad, Tiffany Kosch, Margaret Byrne. Second Row – Chris McKay, Helen Cook, Tanja Strive, Madeleine Van Oppen, Manuel Aranda, Oliver Ryder, Michelle Baker, Ryan Phelan, Kent Redford, Caitlin Cooper, Petra Lundgren, Paul Thomas, Karl Campbell, Mark Tizard, Line Bay, Lee Skerratt. Last Row –  Andrew Weeks, Johann van der Merwe, John Oakeshott, Pat Buerger, Larry Clark, Omar Akbari, Dave Schneider, Luke Barrett, Thomas Malcolm, Mathieu Pernice, Stewart Brand, Dan Thompkins, Ben Novak, Jason Delborne, Tim Doran, Mike Dunlop, Owain Edwards, Devon McLean, Andrew Sheppard, Dan Lindner, Kevin Esvelt, Andreas Glanznig, John Kanowski.