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Beth Shapiro

Ancient DNA: What It Is and What It Could Be

Hendrik Poinar

Not All Mammoths Were Woolly

Susan Haig

Bring Back the Birds of Our Dreams

George Church

Hybridizing with Extinct Species

Carl Zimmer

(Some) Extinction is (Not Necessarily) Forever

Oliver Ryder

Genetic Rescue and Biodiversity Banking

Stanley Temple

De-Extinction: A Game-Changer for Conservation Biology

John Fahey

A New Century of Exploration

David Ehrenfeld

Extinction Reversal? Don’t Count on It

Robert Lanza

The Use of Cloning and Stem Cells to Resurrect Life

Chris Anderson

TED Welcomes You

Hank Greely

De-Extinction: Hubris or Hope?

Ben J. Novak

How to Bring Passenger Pigeons All the Way Back

Mike McGrew

Pigeons from Chickens

Henri Kerkdijk-Otten

Restoring Europe’s Wildlife with Aurochs and Others

Dr. William A. Powell

Reviving the American Forest with the American Chestnut

David Burney

Rewilding, Ecological Surrogacy, and Now De-extinction

Isabella Kirkland

A Still Life of Stilled Life

Michael Mace

California Condors back from the Brink

Kate Jones

Why and Why Not is a Matter of Specifics

James Tate

Rules, Regs, and Reactions

Joel Sartore

Endangered Studio

Kent H. Redford

Tainted Species?

Alberto Fernandez-Arias

The First De-Extinction

Michael Archer

Second Chance for Tasmanian Tigers and Fantastic Frogs