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What Our Colleagues Are Saying About Revive & Restore

“Revive & Restore is the most remarkable organization I know.  It is the only home for thought – and, importantly, action – to bring the potential of new biology to the needs of the living world we have so badly damaged.”
     –  Hank Greely, Stanford University, Director of the Center for Law and the Biosciences

“Revive & Restore not only releases the greatest molecular tools for conservation, it also, and probably just as importantly, releases constraints on thinking what is possible.”
     –  Mike Maunder, The Eden Project, Director of Life Sciences

“Wild plants and animals are not merely victims of environmental damage. They can also be our allies against it. Be it the horseshoe crab whose eggs feed millions of migrating shorebirds; bats that suppress insect outbreaks in a warming climate; or corals that shelter and feed oceans of fish, while protecting our shorelines from storms – there are no technological alternatives, nor is there enough money on the planet, to replace these free services. Fortunately, there is one technology that can help some species recover and fulfill their natural roles, genomics. Revive and Restore is the world’s only organization dedicated to genomic solutions to help keystone species rebound. We need their help, and their habitats are available and waiting to receive them.”
     –  Tom Chase, The Nature Conservancy (Massachusetts chapter), Director of Conservation Strategies

Revive & Restore is the only NGO that focuses on harnessing the power of genomic tools for conservation purposes, and they’re really good at it. They bring together top genomic tool researchers with conservationists to develop cutting-edge solutions for otherwise intractable problems.”
     –  Karl Campbell, Island Conservation, Program Director

“The team at Revive & Restore stand to be key players in the emerging efforts to engage in the discussions and actions that can help guide conservation approaches for the future.”
     –  Oliver Ryder, San Diego Zoo Global, Institute for Conservation Research

“As a Professor of Ecology and Evolution at UC Santa Cruz and a loud voice in the discussion about the future of conservation, I have seen too often the noise of the conversation drown out any possibility of real action. Revive & Restore is changing this. By bringing together expertise in biotechnology, resource management, on-the-ground implementation, and ethical consideration, Revive & Restore is clearing a path to genuine progress. That they would succeed in this space was obvious to me from the beginning; after nearly six years of partnership with R&R, I continue to be impressed by and to draw motivation from their unique combination of scientific diligence and fearless positivity. As a new board member, I’m proud to participate in Revive & Restore’s mission to shape a healthy and sustainable future for our planet and for the species that inhabit it.”
      –  Beth Shapiro, University of California, Santa Cruz, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Director of Evolutionary Genomics at the UCSC Genomics Institute

“Revive & Restore is working to bring the new tools of genomic science to bear on previously intractable conservation problems; and with that bring renewed hope to the practice of nature conservation.”
     –  Kent Redford, Archipelago Consulting, Principal

“Those seeking to save the world’s amazing diversity of species are often stuck fighting a rearguard action.  Revive & Restore offers us a rare chance to advance.”
     –  Chris Anderson, The TED Conference, Owner and Curator