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Advanced Coral Toolkit

Funding new biotechnologies with the potential to enhance coral resilience and restoration efforts

We created the Advanced Coral Toolkit funding program to support the development and field testing of new biotechnologies that have the potential to greatly benefit coral resilience and restoration efforts.

ANNOUNCING: Revive & Restore-funded Technique Could Facilitate Rapid Cryopreservation of Coral Species

Scientists at the National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, Texas A&M University, and UC Berkeley announce the first successful technique for cryopreserving and reviving entire coral fragments. This proof-of-concept project, funded by Revive and Restore, opens the door to collecting and preserving coral fragments easily and rapidly at an urgent moment for coral worldwide.

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Mary Hagedorn + student cryopreserve coral | J. Daniels

"Working with Revive & Restore has been a pleasure because it has been a team effort from the very beginning. The R&R team are extremely dedicated to the success of their grantees in the practical application of conservation science into conservation actions."

Dr. Mary Hagedorn

Research Scientist at the National Zoo Conservation Biology Institute, Advanced Coral Toolkit grantee

"By supporting the rapid deployment of coral conservation tools, the Advanced Coral Toolkit program has inspired academic researchers to refocus their work to meet this important goal."

Dr. Debashish Bhattacharya

Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University, Advanced Coral Toolkit grantee

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Estimates show as much as 90% of the world's coral could be lost by 2050. The time to act to save our reefs is NOW.
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