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Revive & Restore is bringing biotechnologies to conservation

Revive & Restore is the leading wildlife conservation organization promoting the incorporation of biotechnologies into standard conservation practice. Biotechnology can be used to enhance genetic diversity, build disease resistance, facilitate adaptation, and more. Yet for most conservationists, these tools are still not available.

That’s why we introduce conservationists in the field to the academic and commercial labs advancing genetic and genomic sciences. To do so, Revive & Restore takes on three distinct roles—acting as a convener, an advancer, and a funder—all to empower conservation.


Our meetings and workshops bring together a global network of scientists and conservationists. We help steer funding priorities and create working groups and collaborations that produce tangible conservation outcomes.


We coordinate research and development projects that apply biotechnologies to wildlife conservation problems. As a small and agile organization, we are able to be both experimental and strategic with our projects.


We launched the Catalyst Science Fund in 2018. This resource supports transformative early-stage bio-science research and proof-of-concept projects that can be applied to high-value, high-impact conservation challenges.

Revive & Restore was founded in 2012 and incubated by The Long Now Foundation, a Bay Area organization that fosters long-term thinking and responsibility in a framework of 10,000 years. We’ve taken on this long-term mindset for wildlife conservation. Harnessing the power of biotechnologies for wildlife—developing a Genetic Rescue Toolkit—can turn the tide on species loss and help rebuild bioabundance and biodiversity for millennia to come.