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What We Do

Enhance biodiversity through the genetic rescue of endangered and extinct species

Through our genetic rescue toolkit, we help ensure a brighter future for wildlife.

Our Approach

Revive and Restore provides funds to researcher partners worldwide to develop new tools for the Genetic Rescue Toolkit. We support early-stage, proof-of-concept projects that translate advanced biotechnologies to wildlife conservation applications that currently lack viable solutions. Our projects come with a lot of technical risk, but offer the potential of major rewards for species restoration.

We apply a unique, 3-pronged approach to innovation:

This year, we hosted 45 leaders from across science, industry, and conservation to advance stem cell technologies for wildlife. This workshop was the first of its kind for stem cell technologies.

Identify the White Space

Revive & Restore brings together a global network of conservationists, geneticists, technology developers, and field scientists to identify opportunities for conservation innovation.

Our workshops
Mary Hagedorn + student cryopreserve coral | J. Daniels

Advance Technologies

We fund the research and development of cutting-edge biotechnologies, including applied genomics, biobanking, and advanced reproductive tools. Our projects span nearly 100 focal species.

Our projects
A field biologist takes out one one the vials in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Cryopreservation kits. Those who want to participate are given the tools needed to punch out an ear tissue sample for storage and genetic research | Scripps News

Enable Application

We amplify the impact of our work by building communities of practice, advocating for the adoption of new technologies, and getting these tools deployed in the field.

Our funding
“In a world filled with challenges, I’m inspired by organizations that bring hope, optimism and solutions. And that’s YOU — Revive & Restore. Learning how to leverage biotechnology for conservation is a crucial capability for humanity to survive and thrive. I’m grateful that you’re helping lead the way.”


Donor, Revive & Restore

Our Core Values

We believe humans have a responsibility to do what we can to protect threatened and endangered species.
We believe biotechnology offers groundbreaking capabilities that can drastically improve conservation practice and outcomes.
Given the rate of environmental change, we believe biotechnology is needed to support and accelerate nature’s own ecological and evolutionary processes.
As an organization with an entrepreneurial mindset, we are uniquely positioned to see opportunities where others see risk and act boldly to affect change.

Our History

Revive & Restore was founded in 2012 and incubated by The Long Now Foundation, a Bay Area organization that fosters long-term thinking and responsibility in a framework of 10,000 years. We’ve taken on this long-term mindset for wildlife conservation. Our goal is to use our Genetic Rescue Toolkit to help rebuild biodiversity and bioabundance for millennia to come.