Now accepting proposals. The first round of funding closes June 01, 2020.

Wild Genomes is designed to accelerate the genomic sequencing and biobanking of species that have a clear conservation need. Through this program, we aim to put the fundamental tools of genetic rescue directly into the hands of those who manage wildlife.

iGEM 2020

Now accepting proposals. The deadline is May 25, 2020.

Revive & Restore is sponsoring up to 12 teams for iGEM 2020. Conservation needs innovation and synthetic biology can help. High school and college students with next-generation ideas have the potential to save wildlife and ecosystems.


Project funding is fully allocated at this time. Project proposals are by invitation only.

We started this fund in 2018, with generous support from biotech company Promega, to hasten impactful innovations in conservation and to clearly demonstrate the benefits of genetic rescue biotechnologies to the broader conservation community.