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The Vineyard Gazette Noah Asimow – August 22, 2019 Buried deep within the woods of the Manuel Correllus State Forest is a statue of Booming Ben, the world’s final heath hen. Once common all along the eastern seaboard, the species was hunted to near-extinction in the 1870s. Although a small number of the birds found refuge on Martha’s Vineyard, they officially disappeared in 1932 — with Booming Ben, the last of their kind, calling for female mates who were no longer there to hear him. “There is no survivor, there is no future, there is no life to be recreated…

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2015 Year End Report by Stewart Brand

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Revive & Restore has set out to expand conservation practice by demonstrating how new genomic tools can be applied to a variety of serious wildlife problems that have proved unsolvable by traditional means. Working with dozens of scientists, we are participating in 12 such projects—7 initiated by us. Of the 12 projects, 6 aim to prevent extinction of endangered species (genetic rescue), 5 attempt to reverse extinction in ecologically important species (de-extinction), and 1 hopes to cure a devastating human ailment (Lyme disease) by tweaking its wildlife reservoir. That may seem like too much for a tiny nonprofit to take…

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Heath Hen Genomic Study News

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Blog by Jeff Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Institute of Applied Sciences, University of North Texas; Project Coordinator – Heath Hen Genomic Study We are one step closer to determining the genomic distinctiveness of the extinct heath hen. In collaboration with Dovetail Genomics, we have sequenced the entire genome of the Greater Prairie-chicken, a close relative of the heath hen, which will allow us to better assemble a selection of heath hen genomes extracted from museum specimens collected in the late 1800s. Ben Novak, Lead Researcher of The Great Passenger Pigeon Comeback, Revive & Restore has been working tirelessly in…

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