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IUCN World Conservation Congress: Stamping Out Mosquitoes in Hawaii

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By Ben J. Novak On September 3, and 4, 2016, Revive & Restore participated in the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Revive & Restore cofounder Ryan Phelan convened two sessions on the potential role biotechnology could play in conservation. The 2016 congress was the largest in the 68-year history of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, with nearly 10,000 registered participants. It was also the first held in the United States. The setting was Hawaii, sometimes labeled “the extinction capital of the world.” Few places have more urgency to introduce new tools for saving species and ecosystems.   The goal…

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How does one get into this field?

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“My name is Sean and I am a first year biology major with an emphasis in wildlife biology. Ever since I was a kid learning about the reintroduction of wolves as a keystone species I have made it my goal to work my way into the field of conservation biology. Recently I have started researching the idea of de-extinction, where I stumbled across Stewart’s TED Talk, as well as the TEDxDeExtinction videos, truly sparking my interest in getting involved with this new cutting-edge field.  I was wondering if you had any suggestions or ideas on ways I could become involved…

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