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Ben Lamm (left) and George Church, Co-founders of Colossal

We are proud to have helped lay the foundation for the Woolly Mammoth Revival over the past nine years— and on Sept 13, 2021 this project transitioned over to the for-profit company, Colossal. 

Addressing bold conservation challenges in ways never before possible will take many people, many steps, and many years.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and support of this grand vision.

Ryan Phelan
Co-founder, Revive & Restore

Colossal, a bioscience and genetics company co-founded by world-renowned geneticist George Church, Ph.D., and technology entrepreneur Ben Lamm, is focused on rapidly advancing the field of species de-extinction. Using CRISPR and other genome editing technologies Colossal will pioneer a practical, working model of de-extinction to apply to the Woolly Mammoth and other species.