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Holly, on the left, a Przewalski’s horse filly, meeting Kurt for the first time in May 2021. –– Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance


“Seeing Kurt happily paired and thriving with Holly, a young female companion, warms my heart and bodes well for future offspring.”

Ryan Phelan, Executive DirectorRevive & Restore

September 8, 2022

Watch this video to see Kurt and Holly enjoy their new spacious habitat at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Video credit: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

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Multimedia News Release

World’s First Successfully Cloned Endangered Przewalski’s Horse Now Learning the Language of Wild Horses

Science of Managing Wildlife Applied to Increase Species’ Genetic Diversity

SAN DIEGO (Sept. 27, 2022) – Kurt—the world’s first successfully cloned Przewalski’s horse—is thriving at his home at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and learning the language of being a wild horse from Holly, a young female of his own species.

In early 2021, Kurt moved to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  In May of 2021, Kurt met for the first time one of his own kind, another Przewalski’s horse – a young filly named Holly.

“To see Kurt galloping and whinnying with Holly so naturally, you’d think he was born in the wild. It’s thrilling! Cloning for conservation is off to a beautiful start!”

Ben Novak, Lead ScientistRevive & Restore