New Book on Woolly Mammoth De-Extinction

By July 5, 2017Uncategorized


Revive & Restore plays a role in Ben Mezrich’s new book WOOLLY – soon to be a feature film directed by Oscar Sharp.

The book reads like a novel, but it tells the story of real characters and real events.  George Church at Harvard Medical School built a team of brilliant genome engineers to work on editing enough woolly mammoth genes into  living elephant genomes to potentially recreate living woolly mammoths.

Revive & Restore introduced George Church to the extraordinary Russian scientist Sergey Zimov, who has started a project in northern Siberia called “Pleistocene Park,” which is using wild grazing animals to generate climate-stabilizing grasslands.  Zimov wants to add mammoths to the mix.  We also connected George with specialists in Asian elephant diseases, and as a result his lab is working on curing a previously untreatable viral disease that is killing many young elephants.

A good early review of the book is at NPR Books.

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