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Calls for proposals

Wild Genomes is a funding program to accelerate the genomic sequencing and biobanking of species with a clear conservation need. Potential projects will be evaluated according to timeliness and urgency (e.g., at-risk species), the ecological role of the targeted species (e.g., keystone species), the species’ potential role in providing ecosystem services, and the potential impact of the project.

Wild Genomes funding calls are topic-specific. Each call focuses on an important conservation problem, ecosystem, or taxonomic group. Successful proposals should describe a conservation-oriented effort that will benefit substantially from genomic sequencing and biobanking. Proposers interested in applying to Wild Genomes are encouraged to wait for a topic that matches their project.

We do not have an open call at this time. Explore our past funding calls below:

Wild Genomes

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Wild Genomes

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Wild Genomes

Awarded Spring 2021

Wild Genomes

Awarded Fall 2020

How to apply

A few tips to create a successful Wild Genomes proposal:
Leadbeater's possum | Credit: Dan Harley
Wild Genomes is an applied conservation program.

Successful proposals will outline a clear path from genomic sequencing and tissue banking to an ongoing or near-future conservation application in the field. Proposals that focus only on answering interesting biological questions or the natural history of the target species will not be competitive in this program.

Abstract DNA background | Shutterstock
Don’t skimp on the biobanking.

We’ve received many proposals that offer a compelling plan for how to use genomics for conservation without addressing the collection and storage of tissue samples. Biobanked tissue samples offer an enormous benefit to new conservation techniques, including stem cells, the development of cell lines, and the potential to restore lost genetic diversity through cloning. To be competitive in this program, proposals must include a plan for biobanking living tissue samples.

We love to recruit new people in the use of biobanking and sequencing for conservation.

Proposals that aim to introduce these technologies to traditional practitioners, citizen scientists, or a region of the world that currently lacks these capabilities, will be particularly attractive.

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