Who Let the Humanists into the Lab?

By February 26, 2015Ethical, Regulatory

Author(s): Eleonore Pauwels

Publication: Valparaiso University Law Review

Publication Date: 2011

Introduction: This quote from Bruno Latour suggests that we might be more connected to each other by our doubts, our questions, our ignorance, and the issues we care for, than by any other set of values, opinions, attitudes, and principles. The experiment is certainly easy to make. Just brainstorm over any set of contemporary issues: the financial crisis and its economic and political ramifications, the revolutions erupting in Maghreb and Machreq, the spread of genetically modified organisms in Brazil, nuclear proliferation, research around bio-energy including the development of synthetic engineered algae, controversies about acid rain, and climate change itself. Around everyone of these areas of concern we see growing entanglements of passions, indignations, and controversies within a complex web of stakeholders and opponents.

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