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#shutdownSTEM and a call for greater diversity in conservation

By June 10, 2020No Comments
In support of today’s #shutdownSTEM/#shutdownAcademia movement, the Revive & Restore team took the opportunity to spend the better part of the day reflecting upon what our organization can do to better enable racial diversity in our conservation activities.
We identified 3 key areas where Revive & Restore can improve. We are making a commitment to:
  • Broaden the diversity of those involved in our listservs
  • Seek out conservation efforts led by people of color and encourage them to apply to our Catalyst Science Fund
  • Plan future workshops to include a greater mix of people of color and monitor our progress
We believe we must involve a diversity of peoples, cultures, and backgrounds if we hope to help shape the future of conservation fairly. Only a society that values all humans can truly value every other species on this planet.
We welcome suggestions and recommendations for resources, scientists, or organizations that can help us all broaden diversity in conservation. We’d also appreciate learning how other conservation groups may be responding to this moment.
—The Revive & Restore Team
Ryan Phelan, Michele Weber, Bridget Baumgartner, Ben Novak, Heather Sparks, Marmee Manack