Live pigs produced from genome edited zygotes

Author(s): Simon G. Lillico, Chris Proudfoot, Daniel F. Carlson, Dana Stverakova, Claire Neil, Carol Blain, Tim J. King, William A. Ritchie, Wenfang Tan, Alan J. Mileham, David G. McLaren, Scott C. Fahrenkrug, Bruce A. Whitelaw

Publication: Scientific Reports

Publication Date: 2013

Abstract: Transcription activator-like effector nuclease (TALEN) and zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) genome editing technology enables site directed engineering of the genome. Here we demonstrate for the first time that both TALEN and ZFN injected directly into pig zygotes can produce live genome edited pigs. Monoallelic as well as heterozygous and homozygous biallelic events were identified, significantly broadening the use of genome editor technology in livestock by enabling gene knockout in zygotes from any chosen mating.