Bringing biotechnologies to conservation

The Revive & Restore mission is to enhance biodiversity through the genetic rescue of endangered and extinct species.

Ecosystems around the world face unparalleled biodiversity loss. But solutions are available. Genomic technologies have evolved and are increasingly affordable and dynamic. This presents an opportunity to address conservation challenges in ways never before possible. We can rewrite the story of species decline with a new Genetic Rescue Toolkit for conservation that includes a wide variety of biotech applications—from genomic sequencing and biobanking to advanced reproductive technologies and gene editing—all insightful, powerful tools for addressing some of the planet’s most pressing problems. See just some of our exciting projects, below.

NEW: Cloning the przewalski’s horse

The world’s first successfully cloned endangered Przewalski’s horse was born on August 6, 2020. Revive & Restore, San Diego Zoo Global, and ViaGen Equine collaborated to clone the foal from the cell line of a genetically important stallion, cryopreserved since 1980.


Biotech can save the horseshoe crab

For decades, drug manufacturers have relied on the blood of the horseshoe crab to make vaccines safe. But a synthetic substitute can replace this practice, and just in time—when 14 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines are needed.  



We started this fund, with generous support from biotech company Promega, to hasten impactful innovations in conservation and to clearly demonstrate the benefits of genetic rescue biotechnologies to the broader conservation community. 



To halt and reverse the trends of oceanic degradation, we must innovate and employ every available tool. Our Ocean Genomics Horizon Scan provides a first-of-its-kind assessment of 10 significant threats to ocean health and the genomic and biotech innovations to complement, enhance, and accelerate marine conservation strategies.


Black-footed Ferret Genetic Rescue

Significant laboratory work is now underway following six years of research, partnership building, and federal permitting. Three projects, all supported by our Catalyst Science Fund, are part of a nationwide effort to increase genetic diversity for one of North America’s most threatened species and secure its recovery in the wild.

Passenger Pigeon Revive & Restore

The great passenger pigeon comeback

Revive & Restore began with one idea: to look at conservation in a new light. Bringing the Passenger Pigeon back from extinction could show that biodiversity loss doesn’t have to be a permanent ecological loss. This project continues to be a major focus for us and project lead Ben Novak. Recently, a world’s first was accomplished.