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Program Manager,  Catalyst Science Fund

Revive & Restore is a California-based nonprofit with a mission to enhance biodiversity through the genetic rescue of endangered and extinct species. To accomplish this, Revive & Restore is building a conservation toolkit for the 21st century by applying new genetic technologies to biodiversity challenges: refining conservation through genomic insights, enhancing genetic diversity, helping to build disease resistance, developing synthetic alternatives, and facilitating adaptation to a changing climate.

However, a key barrier to the development, deployment, and widespread adoption of genomic solutions by the conservation community stems from spotty and incremental development of innovations targeted at biodiversity challenges. Put simply, the many transformative advances in biotechnology that have transformed human health and disease treatments have yet to be applied to conservation.

In order to expedite the development of new tools for conservation, Revive & Restore has established a Catalyst Science Fund to enable innovative solutions for otherwise intractable conservation problems through early-stage grants in transformative bio-science and bio-technologies that can be applied towards high value, high impact conservation challenges.

The Catalyst Science Fund Program Manager

Revive & Restore is seeking an energetic, curious, and entrepreneurial-minded Program Manager to lead the development and execution of the Catalyst Fund. As the first manager of the Fund, the position will work closely with Revive & Restore leadership and the Catalyst Fund Advisory Council to develop an overarching investment and grant strategy aimed at achieving the goals of the Fund. This includes selecting focus areas and specific investments that have the potential to greatly expand conservation options.

The Program Manager will be responsible for crafting the Fund’s programmatic focus and management, including ideation, strategy, opportunity identification, proposal evaluation, establishing scientific milestones, contracting, technical management, and Advisory Council engagement and coordination.

Additionally, the Program Manager will conduct a mix of analysis, innovation, business sector engagement, public-private partnerships, and building public support for catalyzing innovation in the genetic rescue of species and ecosystems.

The role will have a significant outward-facing public component and will include frequent interactions with prominent leaders across policy, government, academia, industry and the conservation community. 



  • Identify knowledge gaps and research, analyze, evaluate, and explore new genomic or biotech approaches to solving conservation problems.
  • Identify timely opportunities to support catalytic advances in scientific approaches for conservation challenges that are emerging from the advancing fields of genomics and synthetic biology.
  • Develop the Fund’s programmatic investment portfolio and focus areas, including: investment thesis and justification, program goals, and program structure and timelines.
  • Develop the budget, allocations, and justification for program portfolio and underlying projects.
  • Program execution: calls for and assistance in crafting proposals, convening panels of expert reviewers, reviewing incoming research proposals, and negotiating contracts.
  • Technology transition and demonstration: pro-actively engage and involve other partners (government agencies, granting organization, etc.) to facilitate transfer and deployment of newly developed technologies and solution paths.

Grantee/Science Management:

  • Analysis and evaluation of ongoing grants/investments, including regular program reviews.
  • Pro-actively identify, communicate, and resolve program and project-related issues and risks.
  • Track and ensure that key milestones of all funded projects are met.
  • Actively track and manage program/project spend against planned budgets.
  • Make go/no-go decisions on program projects in response to progress, success, impact, and Fund priorities.

Fund Management:

  • Work closely and effectively with Revive & Restore Leadership to oversee creation, planning, budgeting, execution, and growth of the Fund.
  • Partner with grantees, re-granting organizations, funders, governments, industry leaders, and others to assess needs of the field and convene stakeholders to identify solutions to problems.
  • Work with Revive & Restore leadership to create and manage a Catalyst Fund Advisory Council comprised of experts in science, policy and conservation.
  • Make site visits, attend conferences, and engage private sector, academic, nonprofit, and policy leaders in advancing the scientific development of new tools to conservation challenges.
  • Contribute to the Revive & Restore’s fund development, including due diligence, developing and updating donor relations strategies, moves management, grant writing, and monitoring funding priorities among significant private and government funders.
  • Convene and organize meetings, program reviews, and other Fund-related activities
  • Contribute to the Revive & Restore team, particularly towards the integration of science priorities with the broader conservation agenda.
  • Budgetary reporting and fiscal management.


  • Work with Revive & Restore Leadership to write and review press releases and grantee marketing materials.
  • Create quarterly program updates and email newsletters.
  • Contribute to Revive & Restore’s web and social media presence.


Essential Qualification:

  • A Master’s Degree is essential, and a PhD preferred.
  • Three years of hands-on experience in a biotechnology-related field is required, with expertise in either Molecular Biology, Genetics/Genomics, Bio-engineering, or Synthetic Biology.
  • Significant laboratory experience working in cutting-edge scientific research. Relevant fields include human health, agriculture, food science, genetic engineering, veterinary medicine, and conservation genomics.
  • Subject matter expertise in comparative genomics, functional genomics, population genomics, bioinformatics, ecology and evolutionary biology, wildlife/veterinary health, developmental biology, reproductive biology, or genetic engineering.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Preference will be given to applicants whose experience spans both the fields of genomics and wildlife conservation.
  • Passionate commitment to the values and mission of Revive & Restore.
  • An energetic, curious entrepreneurial-minded leader with a strong scientific background who enjoys developing visionary, practical approaches to complex problems.
  • Demonstrated experience in project management.
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct in-depth literature reviews to determine the state-of-the-art for relevant technologies and scientific disciplines.
  • Demonstrated ability to involve and mobilize interdisciplinary teams towards accomplishing transformative projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and execute budgets and projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage teams to ensure timely completion of project milestones, while assessing the project successes and failures.
  • Comfortable making hard decisions in the face of uncertainty.
  • Great interpersonal skills and a love of engaging and learning from experts across science, policy, and conservation.
  • Great organizational and collaboration skills, combined with flexibility and a positive, solution-oriented attitude.
  • Persuasive oral and written communication skills, with the ability to prepare presentation materials and develop project work plans needed to sell new projects to Revive & Restore leadership.


Location:  Revive & Restore’s office is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This position could be virtual, with in-person team meetings on an as needed basis.

Start Date: As soon as possible

To Apply:

Please submit to jobs(at) your:
(1)  Cover Letter addressed to Executive Director, Ryan Phelan
(2) C.V.