Program Steering Committee: Stewart Brand, George Church, John Francis, Ryan Phelan, Jamie Shreeve, Stanley Temple

RED indicates Video of talk available.


John Fahey – “A New Century of Exploration
Chris Anderson – “TED Welcomes You
Carl Zimmer – “(Some) EXTINCTION IS (not necessarily) FOREVER


Isabella Kirkland – “A Still Life of Stilled Life
Susan Haig – “Bringing Back the Birds of Our Dreams
Hendrik Poinar – “Not All Mammoths Were Woolly
Michael Archer – “Second Chance for Tasmanian Tigers and Fantastic Frogs
Joel Sartore – “Endangered Studio


Alberto Fernández-Arias – “The First De-extinction
Oliver Ryder – “Genetic Rescue and Biodiversity Banking
Robert Lanza – “The Use of Cloning and Stem Cells to Resurrect Life
George Church – “Hybridizing with Extinct Species
Michael McGrew – “Pigeons from Chickens
Ben Novak – “How to Bring Passenger Pigeons All the Way Back


Stanley Temple – “De-extinction: A Game-changer for Conservation Biology
David Ehrenfeld – “Extinction Reversal? Don’t Count on It.
Kate Jones – “Why and Why Not Is a Matter of Specifics
James Tate – “Rules, Regs, and Reactions
Beth Shapiro – “Ancient DNA: What It Is and What It Could Be
Hank Greely – “De-extinction: Hubris or Hope?


Henri Kerkdijk-Otten – “Restoring Europe’s Wildlife with Aurochs and Others
Kent Redford – “Tainted Species?
William Powell – “Reviving the American Forest with the American Chestnut
David Burney – “Rewilding, Ecological Surrogacy, and Now… De-extinction?
Michael Mace – “California Condors Back from the Brink