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3/12/13 – Submitted by National Geographic via PR Newswire
TEDxDeExtinction Event, with Support of TED and Hosted by National Geographic, Features Leading Scientists and Conservationists from Around the World

Recent print/online coverage

3/28/13 – Scientific American
Will We Kill Off Today’s Animals If We Revive Extinct Ones?
By David Biello

3/25/13 – Huffington Post
The Conservation Perspective on DeExtinction
By Stewart Brand

3/19/13 – Washington Post
De-extinction is the mind-blowing idea of the year
By Dominic Basulto

3/19/13 – MIT Technology Review
An Unlikely Plan to Revive the Passenger Pigeon
By Antonio Regalado

3/17/13 – Business Insider
Scientists Want to Bring 24 Animals Back From Extinction
By Jennifer Welsh

3/15/13 – LiveScience (and Yahoo News and HuffPost News)
‘De-Extinction’ Of Woolly Mammoth & Other Ancient Animals Could Become Reality, Scientists Say
By Megan Gannon

3/15/13 – Wired
The Plan to Bring the Iconic Passenger Pigeon Back From Extinction
By Kelly Servick

3/1/13 – Wall Street Journal
Jurassic Pigeon: A Drive to Revive Extinct Species
By Matt Ridley

TV coverage

3/29/13 – NZ TV (New Zealand)
Bringing Animals Back from the Dead
by Staff

3/23/13 – CBS News (w/ Carl Zimmer)
Staff Report
De-extinction: Is “Jurassic Park” a real possibility?

3/20/13 – CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Can extinct species be brought back?
By reporter Lisa Sylvester

3/15/13 – WUSA9 (CBS D.C.)
Experts Meet to Talk About Bringing Animals Back From Extinction
By Erica Grow

Radio coverage

3/15/13 – NPR (Morning Edition)
It’s Called De-Extinction — It’s Like ‘Jurassic Park,’ Except It’s Real
By Claire O’Neill

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