A New Genetic Rescue Toolkit for Ocean Conservation

A Revive & Restore Forum at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

Now Rescheduled — January 2021 — Marseille, France

Revive & Restore is pleased to announce our participation in the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Our forum will feature a new generation of biotech scientists who are tackling marine conservation challenges. This will be an opportunity for Congress participants to hear stories from a diverse group of island conservationists and genomic specialists thinking about genetic rescue. It is our aim that this forum will convey how innovations in genomics and synthetic biology can complement and increase the effectiveness of traditional conservation approaches.

This session highlights the challenges and promising innovations in understanding and conserving ocean biodiversity. Industrial overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction are compounded by the effects of a warmer and more acidic ocean. These global challenges demand increased commitment to conventional conservation strategies and accelerated innovation. This session presents innovative genetic and synthetic biology techniques that are providing new approaches in management and restoration of ocean species (e.g. fisheries) and ecosystems (e.g. coral reefs). Next-generation sequencing tools (micro-haplotyping, qPCR, eDNA, precision gene editing) that enable new insights to manage, conserve, and potentially intervene in marine systems will be discussed.

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The Genetic Rescue Toolkit For Ocean Conservation

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