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New Research for Old Birds

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by Ben Novak The extinction of the passenger pigeon has challenged our conceptions of nature for a century. The bird that was “too numerous to go extinct” disappeared in a decade, leaving only skins and mounts in museum collections and a few in private hands. If the most abundant bird in the world could collapse at the hands of mankind, then perhaps any species was vulnerable to our onslaught. The loss of this astounding and albeit “larger than life” piece of American wilderness impressed upon citizens of the early 20th century to conserve our wild places and the creatures within…

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How does one get into this field?

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“My name is Sean and I am a first year biology major with an emphasis in wildlife biology. Ever since I was a kid learning about the reintroduction of wolves as a keystone species I have made it my goal to work my way into the field of conservation biology. Recently I have started researching the idea of de-extinction, where I stumbled across Stewart’s TED Talk, as well as the TEDxDeExtinction videos, truly sparking my interest in getting involved with this new cutting-edge field.  I was wondering if you had any suggestions or ideas on ways I could become involved…

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Project Coordinator – Position Filled

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Revive & Restore (a project of The Long Now Foundation) is seeking an entrepreneurial Project Coordinator to help us expand this bold initiative—to bring back extinct species and to apply genomic solutions to species on the brink of extinction. The ideal candidate will be interested in an innovative approach to conservation working with cutting edge scientists. We are looking for someone with a wide range of project coordination skills and the ability to learn and grow with the job. This is an on-site (located at Fort Mason in San Francisco), part-time position, starting at 20 hours per week, with opportunity…

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