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Extinction Is Not Forever: Reviving the Passenger Pigeon with The Long Now Foundation’s Ben Novak
“Novak’s work is part of a broader campaign of “de-extinction” being funded by The Long Now Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to fostering, in its own words, “long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years.” The Long Now wants to bring back other species, too, and even has a team devoted to de-extinctifying the woolly mammoth. Novak and his team are studying DNA from taxidermied museum specimens and planning to insert key genes into the genomes of band-tailed pigeons.” — Reason TV





    Reviving extinct species may not be science fiction
    — NEAL CONAN, June 2012.
    Stewart Brand, author of Whole Earth Discipline and founder of Whole Earth Catalog, is working on a new project to bring back extinct animals. From the passenger pigeon to the wooly mammoth, Brand explains why and how the project “Revive and Restore”, plans to bring back some extinct species.