Revive & Restore brings together the appropriate scientists, institutions, funders and regulators to help shape and advance the science and to bring together the relevant experts in support of various projects. We convene meetings (large and small, public and private) to discuss all sides of an issue.

Group Photo Revive & Restore

New Genomic Solutions for Conservation Problems Workshop

April 6-9, 2015, Sausalito, California

This two and a half day workshop in April 2015 for 52 pioneering molecular biologists, conservation biologists, veterinarians, and other specialists, focused on finding practical solution paths for otherwise intractable conservation problems, which could be set in motion in the near future.

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Deex Group Meeting Revive & Restore

De-Extinction Projects, Techniques, and Ethics

October 22-23, 2012, National Geographic

The National Geographic meeting in October 2012 drew 36 scientists from around the world to survey the full range of de-extinction and ecosystem-revival efforts that are being attempted. It was the first such meeting anywhere.

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Passenger Pigeon Revive & Restore

Bringing Back the Passenger Pigeon

February 8, 2012, Harvard University, Wyss Institute

The first purpose of the daylong meeting was to explore the technical plausibility of reviving the iconic extinct bird, Ectopistes migratorius, through genomic engineering. The second purpose of the meeting was to explore the potential cultural, social, political, and ecological ramifications of bringing the passenger pigeon back to life and perhaps restoring it to the wild.

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